Wherever the Park Ends

by Youngest and Only

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Mix, mastered, and recorded by Simon Larochette at Sugar Shack studios.

Recorded in early December of 2015.

All songs written and performed by Youngest and Only.

The majority of the record was written during the summer of 2015.

Andrew Joseph Stevens- Guitar, Drums, Vocals.
Jack Williams- Bass
"Rockin" Robby Barnes- Guitar


released August 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Youngest and Only London, Ontario

Punk Rock band formed in Westmount, London Ontario. Forest City Punk music.


Jack- Bass


Patrick Nichol- Drums

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Track Name: To Be Heard!!

Constant sickness, too much tragedy.
What kind of world are you waiting to see?
Everything I see is something I can question.
Your truth is a loud confession just waiting to be heard.
Fallen brothers (and sisters) of every colour fighting just to make sure that we'll never suffer.
Stand on guard, don't be afraid.
Lights out,
It's the time for us to go to sleep,
Let's drift away and live in peace.
'cause conscious issues are way too much to handle.
Sun down,
It's the darkest time we never see,
The second we start fearing we lose.
We lose.
Did you have a vision, tell me.
I've been waiting all night for you to see the kind of man that I've become.
Lost thoughts in a complicated messed up space,
I'd be more than happy just to see your face without signs of lost direction.
My mind feels pain when I feel the time fly,
A shallow fist knocking on the door of my skull.
Restless, beautiful confused and reckless,
How can we make our voices echo?
Track Name: Midazolam

Contemplating never waking up on time, up on time,
Out all night there's something that I'm trying to find, trying to find.
How come I wasn't this tall when I went to Westmount mall when it had it all.
I'm mad now, I'm pissed, I'm not fine,
I just can't find the time to accept my life's past trauma.
Don't miscalculate it.
My choice of words have had you so frustrated.
The situations gone, I'm back on track.
The state of us lately has been so wack.
Don't walk away, I'm scared you won't look back,
While I'm screaming to myself.
I've been such a nervous wreck.
Feeling grasps around my neck.
I'm sorry that I've never been cool.
It seems like life is just a game, and I'm just playing without the rules.
I've got one,
I've got one mistake on my back just from all the stupid rules you'd break.
Wars that we see on the t.v.
Wars in our heads that some choose to relieve.
Will you see me old and grey.
Or when I'm buried will you hear them say,
"Why was he so young? Look at what he's done. Why didn't he come home? Was he out there all alone?"
Track Name: The Ring

Spit at the city from the tops of the towers.
What's not alive can't die so we'll skip out on the flowers.
No funeral service.
We don't have to wear black.
Just flick the lighter and toss it.
Don't ever look back.
This city doesn't care about a stupid eulogy.
This side of life seems so right to me.
Because everything is wrong to me.
Oh, I'm lost.
Track Name: Wrong and Empty

Stupid tired, burning eyes,
Stomach turned from broken lies.
Break from pills to see why I just take them in the first place.
The world did something wrong to so many,
I feel so wrong and I feel so empty.
An unmet brother and a broken family is all I think 2003 left me with.
301 in 916,
That's where I had my darkest dreams.
Hide my pain from all my friends,
I'll walk you from here to wherever the park ends.
I haven't seen waldgrave in a while.
I found help in friends and friends in helping,
I looked for peace while my mind was melting.
I guess it's safe to say,
He can't offer advice for me today.
I left because I couldn't really stand the pain.
Now I feel nothing, am I going insane?
What's with my fucking attitude this summer?
Nights spent with another.
No regrets from after slumber,
Man it's such a bumber.
I didn't get a chance to miss you, honest.
I told you the summer was our time and now it's August.
Nothing seems real because I'm always fading,
Emotionally drained, that's why my bodies never aging.
I'm blinded by the light you struck in front of my eyes.
I swear I can see clearly again,
With all the confidence I get from my friends.
I'm blinded by the light you struck in front of my eyes.
Pop another pill, take another drag.
Never numb enough, numb enough to mag.
We both know what it's like to fucking hate yourself.
So take my fucking picture off your fucking shelf.
Track Name: Sleeping Right Through You

Got no religion so where will I go when it's my time.
Safe without a harness 'cause I wanna fall from hills I climb.
Sick of watching MTV, and it's lack of reality.
We're all born with fear and that's our brand new born humanity.
The bridge was burning 'cause I couldn't seem to find the lie.
Take what you need instead of waiting in the endless line.
Sick of watching MTV, and it's lack of true sanity,
We're all born with tears and that's our brand new born humanity.
We fell for every story.
The faint, subtle smiles.
Fell for the journey of inches.
Abandoned the journey of miles.
We fell for every other world,
That we dream of every night,
We fell for what we taught ourselves while we were basking in the light.
Sleep away the silence and the obvious corruption.
Seeing and breathing is the only other option.
This will be the last time I let a body of demons in front of my eyes,
It's true.
I'm sleeping right through you.
Track Name: Kind

Scrapes and scratches, some invisible, some can see,
A thirst to be kind and a thirst to be free.
I wanna wake the whole world up someday.
I'll save it for another quiet monday.
Before my night begins.
I'll fill my heart and my mind with sins.
I wanna change at least five lives tonight.
I wanna change this black night to white.
I've just been thinking lately.
It's not bad to feel dark and maybe,
I'm lying to myself, I'm not quite sure.
I just wanna make a scene and make you sick.
Make you wish you never left your house to see this.
I hope you have fun watching me burn.
In the forest with some complicated breathing.
On my back trying to process the stars I'm seeing.
Gasoline and a match,
It's not funny when you try to attach, Honey.
Is this the heat that you wanted?
My mind's in such defeat, I swear I'm haunted.
Where are all the officers waiting to arrest me.
There's none in sight I guess they're never gonna test me.
I'll see you when the lights are out,
I'll see you in my sleep.
I'm burnt to a crisp and I can swear I never even heard you wheep.
Who are you?
Snap out of it,
I swear that I've had it with bullshit and violence and I swear that's not even half of it.
I have friends in places where I know they feel trapped.
Living in an age of anger, I'm just trying to adapt.
Ashes lay, my soul is still. Ask me to leave, you know I will.
Who are you?
Track Name: Ensign and Andover

Was it easy for you like it was easy for me?
Be honest did you think I did it just so I can finally feel free?
If I was alone back when it all went down,
Would you still be gone, and would the world still be round?
You come up, I feel nothing.
But it hurts in my head cause I know I should feel something.
You hate my guts and its plain to see.
Why would anyone like you go for me?
I thought about it all the time it was tough.
Im much number sitting in my own dust.
Don't get me wrong I swear I low key fucking hate you.
Look at the months you know I never would dictate you. You did the things you know would kill me inside.
Now I'm standing tall and keeping my pride.
Why am I so content with darkness and no sunset?
I'll laugh but I can't tell you how I feel.
Days in between hold no secrets close to me.
I hope if I asked you, you'd say the same thing.
"You're not the same kid from 916"
Waldgrave finally said to me.
But I know what I left behind.
In JDP (Jesse Davidson's Park), that's where you'd say to me "I can fall asleep in your arms. lay with me"
There's no time to waste, there's no time to stay, and I'm mad you have to leave.
And I'm mad you had to leave,
End our night for crowded rooms and strong drinks.
I never wanna write about you again.
I swear you're like a tunnel and I'm seeing no end.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Ashes lay, my soul is still.
Ask me to leave, you know I will.
Who are you?